SALE of the Egg Collection

The decision

The word is out. The decision is made: I will stop making the Egg Collection to make room for future collections. So there is a clearance sale: get your hands on these last items of the Egg Collection with a MAJOR Discount!

The Egg collection was my first professional collection when I started out as a goldsmith already 8 years ago. It's very dear to me and it brought me much joy.


Why is it called the Egg collection?

What's so cool about the Egg collection is that this ring is shaped with the actual dimensions of a real egg, that makes this ring sooo very comfortable to wear: you almost don't notice wearing it! It features geometric patterns which make a nice contrast with the organic shape. It's different, its edgy its bold.


These are the Egg Triangle earrings. They can easily become your all time favorites. They are bold enough to be noticed and small enough to be worn every single day. 


Sale price

The whole Egg collection comes in three different patterns:  Lines, Spheres and Triangles. Above you see the pendants.

And now for the best part: I sell these last pieces with a major discount. All items of the Egg collection are now priced : €150

So are you still looking for a special Christmas present for yourself or a loved one: get yours now ;-) 

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