Process & Pricing

The custom made process

A custom made jewel is especially designed ánd made for you. We literally start "from scratch", your story forms the starting point for the design. I involve you in the entire design process: from the choice of materials to determining the design details. 

How does it work?

Design consult & Intake

Week 1, duration1 hour

The design consultation is our first conversation. In this meeting we will discuss your wishes and you will receive advice about design, materials, styles and options. This conversation takes place in my studio in Nijmegen. In addition to the regular times, time slots are available for evenings and Saturday afternoons.

The design brief

Week 2, document

The following week you will receive the design brief with your wishes and starting points for the design. A deposit of 50% is requested. 

The design meeting

Week 5, duration 1 hour, document and 3D print

I have worked out the design of your jewel in the design document. It contains sketches and details of the design. If necessary, I make a prototype. Based on your feedback, I refine the design.

The final design

Week 6, document

The final design for your jewel is recorded in the design document. After approval I will make your jewel in my studio. The making process is intensive and takes an average of 8 weeks. I use craft techniques along with 3D printing and laser engraving.

Engraving + Inspection by Warranty

Week 14

When your jewel is almost finished, it will be inspected by Waarborg Holland. They inspect the metal for precious metal content and stamp the master's mark in the jewellery. It is possible to engrave your jewel with a personal message.

Your jewel is finished!

Week 15, thé JEWEL

Around week 15 we will make an appointment for pick up of your jewel. You will receive it in a beautiful jewellery box from Lasand. If you need the jewel earlier: discuss this with me, and I will see what is possible. 



What are the costs of a custom made jewel?

The price of a custom made piece of jewellery is influenced by several factors:

  • The dimensions of the jewel. After all, the more material that is needed to create the jewel, the higher the price. It also matters whether you choose 14 karat gold or 18 karat gold. 
  • The value of gemstones. The value of a gemstone depends, among other things, on the type of gemstone, the carat weight and the cut of the gemstone.
  • The design of the jewel and the technique to make it.

The price of a custom made jewel therefore depends entirely on the design brief and your wishes. To make it clear, I have visually shown below what you should think about in terms of pricing and dimensions for 14 carat gold. For more specific prices for engagement rings and wedding rings, scroll a little further down.  


Using "old gold" or "own gold" in a new piece of jewellery

It is possible to reuse the gold from your old jewellery in a new piece of jewellery. There are 2 options:

  1. I melt your old jewellery and use the gold to make new jewellery. You will receive a discount on the cost of the new jewel per gram of gold returned. This discount depends on the gold price and is around €16 per gram of gold returned.
  2. I work with old elements of your handed in jewels and repurpose them in the new jewel. There is no discount scheme, but of course the old elements are kept outside the cost price of the new piece.

Due to the design hours and manufacturing costs, a minimum price of €750 applies for a piece of jewelry made of "old gold".

What are the cost of a custom made engagement ring?

Just like with any other custom made jewel, there can be a lot of variation in the price of an engagement ring. Material, gemstones and size again play an important role here. To keep it clear for you, I use  4 categories of engagement rings:

  1. Petite € 1475 + gemstone*
  2. Fine € 1950 + gemstone*
  3. Extra € 2450 + gemstone*
  4. Super € 2950 + gemstone*

*Count on at least 250 euros in costs for a gemstone. View gemstones from my personal collection that are for sale here .

*These are the prices for 14 carat yellow gold. There is a 10% surcharge for 14 carat palladium white gold.

Together we will discuss in which category your dream ring falls and I will get to work to create the design of your dreams. View the extensive schedule below to see what the possibilities are per category.

Note: it is difficult to incorporate symbolism into the design with the petite engagement ring, but this ring can be personalized.

Gemstone cuts and options:

Edelsteen slijpingen en vormen

Sometimes you want a bit more: for example a bi-color ring or an engagement ring made of 18 karat gold. Check out the options below:

*Due to the high palladium price, there is currently a 10% surcharge for palladium white gold.

What are the cost for custom made wedding rings?

The price of your custom made wedding rings depends on the thickness and width of the final rings, after all, the more material there is in a ring, the higher the price. To make this clear, I have made two tables: one for 14 carat yellow gold and one for 18 carat yellow gold. On the horizontal axis you read the width of the ring and on the vertical axis the thickness of the ring. So you see that a wedding ring 2.5 mm wide and 1.2 mm thick in 14 carat gold costs €575. Please note prices below are for one ring.

14 KT 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7
1.2 575 650 725 800 875 950 1025 1100 1175 1250
1.5 675 775 875 975 1075 1175 1275 1375 1475 1575
1.75 775 890 1005 1120 1235 1350 1465 1580 1695 1810
2.0 875 1000 1125 1250 1375 1525 1650 1775 1900 2000


18 KT 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7
1.2 765 870 975 1080 1185 1290 1395 1500 1605 1710
1.5 900 1035 1170 1305 1440 1575 1710 1845 1980 2115
1.75 1055 1210 1365 1520 1675 1830 1985 2140 2295 2450
2.0 1055 1220 1385 1550 1715 1880 2045 2210 2375 2540

*These are the prices for yellow gold. There is a 10% surcharge for palladium white gold.

Sometimes you want that little bit extra. Then the following options are available:

  • A ring with multiple colors of gold, bi-color or even tri-color: €150 additional costs.
  • A small gemstone in the wedding ring, up to about 0.1 carat / 3 mm round: €150 plus additional costs for the gemstone*. 
  • A big sized exclusive gemstone in the wedding ring: €250 plus additional costs for the gemstone*.
  • You want something completely different**

* The price of gemstones varies from €100 for a 0.03 carat sapphire to €2000 for a 1 carat diamond.

**Completly different

I like wedding rings that are "completely different". They are supposedly not recognizable as wedding rings. If this is the case, the schedules above will still serve as a starting point, but there will be a surcharge for the extra design hours. This can be the case when a lot of symbolism has to be incorporated in the rings or when the desired design deviates strongly from the "standard straight wedding ring". More hours are then spent for the design and making of the rings. You pay a surcharge of €300 per ring.

In addition, once during the design phase (after approval of the design brief) the volume and use of materials can deviate per design. This will be communicated to you separately per design. I like open communication and know where you stand. There are never unexpected costs without prior communication with you.

Take the first step

It is my passion to translate your story into a special piece of jewellery. A jewel that you never want to take off and wear with pride. I love to design your ultimate piece of jewellery. I am curious about your story and wishes. So take the first step and contact me via Whats App.


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