“Draw how it feels when you hug each other”

Witgoud verlovingsring swirl

How a casual request from a friend of the couple led to the creation of a very special engagement ring.

What do you feel when you hug him or her? That’s hard to express right! Well words aren’t the only way to express this feeling, let’s try a drawing instead. When for most people this would even seem much harder, this challenge was enthusiastically accepted by Jorik and Nika. They answered this question both individually, cheating was not allowed. When they finished sketching they compared their drawings. They showed some remarkable similarities! Now they knew for sure they were meant to be ;-)


Original drawing


Original drawing

What Nika didn’t knew was that Jorik took this challenge even up a notch. How could he express his feelings for her in a ring? That’s when I came in to help him. I love to materialize stories, feelings and emotions into tangible pieces of art. So the creation of this custom piece got me all fired up and inspired. Some different sketches and ideas came to life.


Design directions sketches engagement rings


Design direction sketches

Jorik knew which ring was the perfect fit. After 6 weeks of hard work in the studio the ring was ready.

Proces van het maken van een witgouden verlovingsring

The process of making the engagement ring

He proposed to her on top of a mountain and of course she said yes. She remembered the drawings and recognized the symbolic meaning of the ring immediately. A true token of love to wear!

Do you also want your own custom designed token of love? Contact me and I'll be happy to design your ultimate piece of jewellery.

Wit goud verlovingsring

The final white gold engagement ring


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  • Daniel Biesheuvel

    Excellent! Love the concept of this ring and how beautifully it has been translated into this ring.

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