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Trouwringen Lasand

Review from Clariska & Otto about their custom made wedding rings:

"We chose Sandra as our ‘ringmaker’ because we immediately fell for her style.

We experienced the process with Sandra as very pleasant. The contact was personal and informal. We were able to discuss all our ideas and we really co-designed the rings.

Sandra is a great listener and she understood our style and wishes. Together we discussed a lot of possibilities. Different ideas were worked out in sketches. This is important to us; our wishes and ideas were put into designs and nothing seemed impossible!

Clariska & Otto

Review from Daan about his bespoke engagement ring for Nadine:

"What if you don't like what you see in the regular jewellery stores? I couldn't find a truly unique and original ring in the regular stores. My girlfriend is unique and I want my engagement ring to reflect that.
Daan en Nadine met hun verlovingsring
During our first appointment Sandra asked me a lot of questions about Nadine. She showed me a few inspiring designs. After the appointment I received a document with the creative direction and a few sketches. It became clear that Sandra translated Nadine's personality perfectly into different designs. From one of the sketches she made a prototype and at our second appointment I confirmed the assignment.

After 6 weeks the engagement ring was finished. The result is even more beautiful than I expected.
I felt exciting: what would Nadine think of her engagement ring? At the proposal it became clear that Nadine loves the ring. It fits her perfectly and this ring exceeds her wildest expectations. This engagement ring is typically 'Nadine' with a touch of 'Daan'. With much pride Nadine now wears her engagement ring.

I can truly recommend Sandra when you're looking for something other than the 'standard engagement ring'. The first appointment is free of charge and gives a lot of insight. If you're open for 'custom made' it will bring you an enjoyable experience and a gorgeous unique engagement ring!"



Engagement ring Rob

Review from Rob about his bespoke engagement ring:

"When I planned to propose to my wife I knew I wanted to have a special ring for this special moment. But... I had no clue on what this ring should look like! My wife likes minimal design and cares for the little details. You can imagine that this made me feel a little extra nervous, haha!

With my input Sandra started sketching. She is a good listener and there was one particular idea that stood out. A minimal ring with my name creatively incorporated in the overall design. This was the ring!

Result is a very personal ring in the exact style my wife loves! Sandra is a very creative person with a great sense for aesthetics. She translated my story into a great design and I can highly recommend her!"



Review from Geertje about her bespoke ring:

"Working on a custom made ring with you was easy and pleasant. We talked all about what I wish for in a ring during our first appointment. I had two clear requirements for my ring: it had to feature a citrine gemstone and the design should be modern. In our second appointment you showed me different designs, you did a great job translating my wishes into awesome designs. This was exactly what I had in mind!
Citrien ring aan hand
The hardest part was to choose between the different designs. All designs were beautiful. So making a decision was hard. I came to you because I wanted something that is unique. I've painted a picture in my head but I was not completely sure that the ring would turn out exactly as I imagined. It's nothing like buying a ring in a shop, you cannot try it on and view it from each side.

I'm happy that I did make the decision to choose something that didn't exist yet. It hasn't been made before and it is completely unique. This ring is exactly what I was looking for. Even though I didn't knew precisely what I was looking for! Whenever I look at my hand I'm super happy with the ring, it is beautiful. I wear it almost everyday and I feel naked without it. It gives me sunshine whenever it catches my eye."


Lasand trouwringen op kussen

Review from Liz & Emma about their custom made wedding rings:

"To have our wedding rings designed for us was a great experience. In this way our wedding rings gained a lot more meaning to us. The process with Sandra was very pleasant: it was clear ánd creative. We didn't have any ideas yet but there was enough room to explain our preferences and wishes. Sandra goes to the core of what you want and translates this into diverse design directions, very nice! We think our rings are very beautiful and we love to wear them every day!"

Liz & Emma

Karola & Maurice weddingrings

Review from Karola & Maurice about their custom made wedding rings:

"With the wedding rings of my great grandparents we went to Sandra. We wanted to reuse these heirloom rings in our wedding rings. We found it important that the wedding rings would become special to us. Therefore we wanted Sandra to rework the heirloom pieces into something more personal and something ‘more us’.

We didn’t know what we wanted and what was possible. During the conversation with Sandra, the innovative idea to turn the rings inside out popped up. An extra outer ring would be added, in this way our wedding rings would have a modern look. From our initials two abstract shapes were designed. These shapes would be incorporated our rings. We were excited right away!

In the second meeting we discussed all the details and made choices for extra materials. The ring of Maurice is a bit more classic than mine, they are different but also a clear set. Sandra made us personal and completely unique wedding rings: fantastic!”

Karola & Maurice


Trouwringen Lasand

Review from Bart about his custom made engagement ring:

"To celebrate my love for the love of my life I decided to propose to her. I started looking for the perfect engagement ring. Unfortunately this ring was much harder to be found than I thought. I was looking for a special ring from unconventional materials. A kind of fusion of wood and silver. With this idea I came to Sandra.

Sandra translated my ideas into sketches. With her know-how and creativity she designed my dream engagement ring. It is perfect!

Two weeks later my girlfriend said yes. She was blown away by this ring: sturdy, feminine and original. Family and friends reacted enthusiastic: this was the perfect ring for her!”


Trouwringen Lasand

Review from Bart & Karlijn about their custom made wedding rings:

"After the great success of the Lasand engagement ring the choice for wedding rings was easy: Lasand! This time we had less developed ideas and wishes. Together with Sandra we brainstormed ideas. Words like earthly, robust, elegant and original led to the concept of ‘structure rings’.

Our rings are a mix of Sandra’s creativity and our personal wishes. It made our wedding day more special!

We experienced working with Sandra as very pleasant. Sandra proposes original ideas and took our budget and wishes seriously. We loved the involvement in the design process and we were kept up to date on all steps in the proces. We can definitely recommend Sandra and Lasand!"

Bart & Karlijn