One Of A Kind

On this page you will find my new passion project: 'one of a kind' jewellery with a special meaning. The meaning I give to this jewellery comes from my own personal development as an entrepreneur. A thought, affirmation or theme that plays a role in my life.

The jewel thus becomes a personal reminder for me with a special meaning and message. I'm sure that the themes I encounter in this are relevant to several people and that I'm not the only one who needs such a reminder every now and then ;-) So it would be cool if these one of a kind jewels are going to be worn and go out into the world.

Do you want to see how this jewellery comes about? Follow me on Instagram. Here you can see the entire process in my stories highlights: from first sketch to final design. Read more about this project in my blog (Dutch).

One of a kind means that only one of them is made: these are completely unique pieces.