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Lasand Engagement rings Heart

Woehoe, you’re about to pop the question to your girl. Put a ring on it ;) All excited you start your quest for a beautiful engagement ring. Soon your excitement leaps into insecurity about the ring: what exactly is an engagement ring?

It strikes me that there is a lot unclear about engagement rings. On the internet you’ll find a lot of fuss about the ‘rules of an engagement ring’. So you’re definitely not the only one wondering what an engagement ring is. What are the traditions and rules of an engagement ring?

Poeh...eh….well. There are a lot of ‘rules’ written for engagement rings. A lot of pages will tell you exactly what to do. I fear that passion and spontaneity are getting lost somewhere in this web of conventions. For me things get a little itchy when people tell me what to do.

The one and only rule that exists for engagement rings is that you use this ring to ask your girl to marry you. It’s as simple as that. Forget about all the other rules and choose your own path. Choose originality over conventions. Your special and beloved girlfriend deserves a special and beloved ring. Let me help you to discover your unique ring. This happens to be my speciality ;-)

In my studio I make one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Together we define the starting point for the design of your ring. Your input fuels the design process. Examples of starting points are; a special stone, a specific memory or a certain style you like. Several sketches and feedback rounds shape the design of your ring. Your ring is then crafted in my own studio. The result is the ultimate engagement ring, especially made for you!

Verlovingsring hart

These minimal rings hide a very romantic message. In the opening/intersection you will see the profile of a heart.

Witgoud verlovingsring saffier en smaragd

Blue sapphire and green emerald have the lead in this ring. The elegant geometric shape points all attention to these amazing gemstones.

Verlovingsring roodgoud en saffier

This ring refers to the idea of a classical engagement ring. The special design and the opposition of the red gold with the blue sapphire make this ring a true eyecatcher.

This is also how engagement rings can be done. I get a lot more excited by these than by all the standard rings. Are you getting your excitement back again? Good! Please feel free to contact me to make the first appointment for your own unique engagement ring!

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