Your ultimate piece of jewellery made for you

Custom made sieraad ebbenhout goud hanger
Have a piece of jewellery made that no one else has, based on your story and wishes. Unique, personal and made especially for you. 

Why a custom made jewel?

You want to give yourself (or your loved one) a special piece of jewellery. A piece of jewellery completely according to your wishes and specially designed and made for you. The design of this piece of jewellery is based on your story and wishes so that you get a personal and unique piece of jewellery. You will wear this piece of jewellery with pride for the rest of your life. That is my mission. I believe that the most beautiful piece of jewellery is a piece you'll never want to take off!

Plus ring goud met saffier

I help you design your unique piece of jewellery. The Lasand promise: 

You receive a special and unique piece of jewellery with personal details in design and material. This jewel is made especially for you.
You receive advice and guidance from me regarding style, gemstones, materials and wearing comfort. So that we design your ultimate dream jewel. I think along with you and help you make choices.
You get to choose exclusive and sustainable gemstones.
I take you through the design process by means of sketches and a 3D print prototype model.
The jewellery is handmade with the latest techniques. I combine craft techniques with 3D printing and laser engraving.
I work with high-quality materials: your jewelry must be able to be worn and cherished for a lifetime. Your jewelry is made from recycled sustainable gold or your own handed in gold. 
I value good service and communication. I have organized my process efficiently and it is possible to make an appointment with me in the evening. I strive for an unforgettable experience of having your custom made jewellery made!

custom made ring met citrien edelsteen

What my customers say:

Review by Geertje about her custom ring:

"The custom process with Sandra was simple and easy. The first conversation was very pleasant, it was mainly about what I wanted. I had two clear wishes: it had to be something with a citrine gemstone and it had to be in a modern sleek style. In the second appointment I saw the designs for the ring, my wishes were perfectly translated into cool designs.This was exactly what I had in mind!
Citrien ring aan hand
The hardest part was choosing between the different designs. Because the designs were so beautiful, but also because it is a big step. You come to Lasand because you want something that is unique and fits the picture you have in your head. Something that doesn't exist yet, but if it's right, it fits exactly what you want. A 3D print of plastic gave me a good idea of ​​what the ring would look like and I dared to take the plunge.

I'm glad I chose a custom design. Now I have a ring that is unique, that no one else has and that is exactly what I was looking for. Even though I didn't quite know what that looked like yet! I am very happy and every time I look at my hand, it makes me happy again. I wear the ring every day and feel bare without it. It gives me a little sun every time I look at my finger!"


 Who is this for?

Custom made jewellery is not for everyone. This is for you if you value:

  • Originality. You think the 'standard' is boring. 
  • Quality. You want to pleasantly wear this piece of jewellery for a lifetime.
  • Service. You want clear communication and a great experience.
  • Design. You are a design lover. 

This is not for you if you...

  • ...want a 'standard' piece of jewellery from the mainstream jeweler around the corner, there are enough 'standard' jewels, I go for personal and unique.
  • ...want to purchase direct out of a large box of jewellery. I work on commission, that means that every jewel is made especially for the customer. I do have several collections of Lasand jewellery that can be viewed in real life. Based on these collections, I explain the possibilities and we discuss different styles.

Who am I?

Sandra Bruil Designer Jewellery

I believe that the most beautiful piece of jewellery is a jewel that you never want to take off. It’s so precious to you that you want to wear it everyday.

I’m trained as an Industrial Designer and Goldsmith. I think of jewellery as wearable design. For me the craft of goldsmithing stands for quality, attention and originality. 

One of the reasons I became a jewellery designer is because jewellery has a lot of meaning. You wear a piece of jewellery close to you and often there is a special story attached to it. You got it from a loved one, it has a special story behind it or it symbolizes a special event in your life.

It is my mission to think about this meaning and emotional value that the jewel will have during the design phase of a custom made jewel. Who will wear it and what meaning will the jewel have for the wearer? In this way the design reinforces the meaning of the jewellery.
Goudsmid Sandra Bruil achter werkbank
The custom design process is very special to me. I find it important to get to know my customers so that I can make something that perfectly suits them. It’s my challenge to go to the core of what you really want. 

The biggest compliment a customer gave me was that the jewel I made for her was exactly what she was looking for and dreaming of. Even though she didn’t know what that would look like. 

How does it work?

Design consult & Intake

Week 1, duration1 hour

The design consultation is our first conversation. In this meeting we will discuss your wishes and you will receive advice about design, materials, styles and options. This conversation takes place in my studio in Nijmegen. In addition to the regular times, time slots are available for evenings and Saturday afternoons.

The Design Brief

Week 2, document

The following week you will receive the design brief with your wishes and starting points for the design. A deposit of 50% is requested.

The design meeting

Week 5, duration 1 hour, document and 3D print

I have worked out the design of your jewel in the design document. It contains sketches and details of the design. If necessary, I make a prototype. Based on your feedback, I refine the design.

The final design

Week 6, document

The final design for your jewel is recorded in the design document. After approval I will make your jewel in my studio. The making process is intensive and takes an average of 8 weeks. I use craft techniques along with 3D printing and laser engraving.

Engraving + Inspection by Warranty

Week 14

When your jewel is almost finished, it will be inspected by Waarborg Holland. They inspect the metal for precious metal content and stamp the master's mark in the jewellery. It is possible to engrave your jewel with a personal message.

Your jewel is finished!

Week 15, thé JEWEL

Around week 15 we will make an appointment for pick up of your jewel. You will receive it in a beautiful jewellery box from Lasand. If you need the jewel earlier: discuss this with me, and I will see what is possible. 


 The price of a piece of jewellery in 14K yellow gold depends on several factors* and starts from:

€ 899 

*The size and type of jewellery (pendant, ring, earrings) influences the price:

*These are the prices for 14 carat yellow gold. There is a 10% surcharge for 14 carat palladium white gold. 

Additional options:

  • 18 carat gold is an optieon
  • Multiple colors of gold, bi-color or even tri-color: from €150 additional costs.
  • Gemstones, the costs differ per gemstone. The price of gemstones varies from €100 for a 0.03 carat sapphire to €2000 for a 1 carat diamond.
  • Own 'old gold' can be supplied to make the jewellery. The minimum price for a piece of jewellery made from 'old gold' is €750. 
  • Ashes can be incorporated into the memorial jewellery.

Sometimes the process goes a little different than planned. Do your wishes change during the process and do you want something different than you first thought? That's no problem. The following parts can be scheduled extra:

  • An extra design consultation and an adjustment on the first intake is always possible at no extra cost.
  • Extra design meeting plus 3D print €100,-

"Now I have a ring that is unique, that no one else has and that is exactly what I was looking for. Even though I didn't know what it looked like yet!"

"With her professional knowledge and creative view, she shaped my idea into a beautiful design."

"The process we went through with Sandra was very pleasant: clear ánd creative."

"Your wishes are the actual starting point, nothing seems impossible!" 

verlovingsring witgoud met peper en zout diamant

Take the first step

It is my passion to translate your story into a special piece of jewellery. A jewel that you never want to take off and wear with pride. I love to design your ultimate piece of jewellery. I am curious about your story and wishes. So take the first step and contact me via Whats App.

  Contact me via Whats App

See you in my atelier!

Kind regards,


Goudsmid Sandra Bruil in atelier

 Sandra Bruil in atelier