Determine your ring size

Measure ring size

Determine your ring size

  • To measure your ring size it's best to go to a local jeweller and have your finger measured. Try on different rings and determine your size.
  • Make sure when measuring your finger that your hands are not extremely cold or warm as this can influence the thickness of your finger.
  • If its not possible to measure your finger at a local jeweller: have a close look to your existing rings. Pick the ring that looks round and try to measure the inside of the ring's diameter. Measure your size in mm with 1 decimal, for example 17,3 mm. If you don't have a caliper at home you can use this printable tool to measure your ring. But be aware, this is less accurate.
  • Bear in mind that the width of the ring influences the ring size. The bigger the width the bigger the ring size has to be to slide comfortably over your knuckle. So make sure to measure or try on a comparable ring for the size.
  • I would not recommend measuring your finger with a paper strip or a piece of string as this does not have the same 'feel' as a metal ring and therefor is prone to errors.

Custom made rings are made on your exact size.

Rings in my collection come in three standard sizes: 16, 17 and 18 mm. These are the inside diameter sizes in mm. Unfortunately rings sizes are different in every country, click here for a good ring size conversion table. I will be happy to adjust the ring of your choice to your size. Please contact me for adjusting the ring of your choice to your ring size.

If your have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.