Lately I'm all into gemstones

Sandra visiting a gemstone mine in Idar Oberstein

Who would have thought?

When I was in jewellery school I didn’t quite like gemstones. I thought they were just fancy glitters. Often the design of a ring came second when there was a stone involved. This resulted in very traditional and boring rings. Not my cup of tea. When it comes to design I’m a purist, I belief the design as a whole should be exciting, not just the stone.

With developing my Flow collection I got a quick re-introduction to stones again. The flow collection, which originally started with pearls, lured me back to gemstones. But this time I liked the re-introduction. Gemstones are not just fancy glitters, they are little miracles of the earth, they’ve gone through a lot of pressure and came out prettier than ever before. I like that kind of toughness ;-) Oh and also the colours are often amazing...

So I’m up for a challenge again! How to make a ring with a gemstone which is far from traditional and has that edgy feel I’m looking for? In my designs I strive for simplicity and focus. That implies that when working with a stone, the stone should be the showpiece. The design of the ring should be ‘supporting’ and give the stone the attention that it deserves.Edgy minimalist amethyst ring

Here is a design I’ve been working on recently. It has a special cut amethyst set in a minimalist band. Through the shape of the stone and the setting in this ring the amethyst gets an extra depth which I love. Is this ring something for you? You can contact me for a custom designed piece.

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  • Annet

    I love this ring although I’m not a fan of stones either nor purple ;) I like how you give a twist to the design of the ring, it’s classic yet simplistic. Keep up the good work!

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