Heirloom tradition and jewellery

Edgy pearl ring with ebony wood

The tradition of pearls for graduation.

In a lot of families it is tradition to pass down pearls from (grand)mother to daughter. Especially when there is a celebration like graduation and marriage. It’s an honor to receive them. But is it really a joy to wear them? Let’s be honest here: we love pearls because of their rich heirloom tradition but for the same reason we dislike wearing them: we think it is old fashioned and traditional.

Although in my family the pearl tradition is not practiced I thought it would be fun to introduce this ‘new tradition’ when my twin sister Annet graduated. Graduation from the Technical university and something ‘lady like’ as pearls did not seem a perfect match at first. That’s exactly why it caught my attention. I like contrasts and I felt triggered to design a piece of pearl jewellery that is unconventional and empowering. Pearls for a new kind of woman :)

The challenge was set: could I design a ring with a pearl which is edgy, bold and elegant at the same time? Far from traditional and conventional? I stumbled across a beautiful grey pearl and combined this with dark ebony wood in a silver ring. This design encloses a warm and industrial look. It’s rough and elegant at the same time. Unconventional and surprising by the use of the dark ebony wood. Annet is very happy with her ring and this new tradition of getting pearls for graduating :)

Do you also want to keep the tradition but revamp the design? I can rework your old gold or heirloom piece into a new jewel. Contact me for a custom made piece and I will design your new heirloom piece!

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