I know something you don’t, it's secret.

Yup for real: I know something you don’t.

It’s a secret. Only me and this other person in the whole world knows.

It’s not my secret, it’s his. He is onto something, I’m telling you.

He is keeping it a secret from the person he loves the most.

And I know. I know.

I know the reason. I know the details. I know the story. I know where,when and how. I know the plan.

How awesome is this?! I feel excited for him. Keeping it a secret is hard. I wanna tell. I can’t wait to show off!

But I have to be a little more patient... I know.

Wait just a little longer. Hold it! Don’t spill the beans to early. Keep quiet... Shhh!

And then... whoop there it is!

It’s out in the open. Everybody knows. People are celebrating. Happy for them, because they are meant to be. The person he loves most said YES!

So now I can finally show off. This is the awesome project I was working on, this is the ring.

Verlovingsring van witgoud met 2 blauwe saffieren gezet in een geelgouden detail.

This white gold engagement ring has two sapphire stones set in a detail of yellow gold and was custom made for Daan. The starting points for the design were: ‘subtle’, ‘personal’ and ‘distinct’. That sounds a little contradictory right? Subtle yet distinct. Like you want the bling but without the bling. As always it’s all about the details. The two sapphire stones are set on the side of the ring instead of on top. This gives the ring an extra personal touch; one stone faces the wearer at all times. That makes it your personal treasure and lovely reminder.

Verlovingsring witgoud geelgoud blauwe saffier

I’ve heard the proposal was beautiful and that the ring is a success; it fits perfect and she loves the design! Another mission complete and a secret revealed.

I’m addicted to these secrets. So tell me your story and start your secret no one else knows about... but me…;-)

Wanna know how this works? Here and here you can read more on custom made engagement rings. Get in touch with me because I can’t wait to start this new secret!

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