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Structure Wedding Rings

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When things get rough

I love to design unique and personal wedding rings, specially made for you. These rings have a special structure, irregular and a little bit rough. I love the contrast between the 'raw' outside with the warm red gold inside of these rings. Off course other color combinations can be made. These rings are robust and have a certain serenity over them.


  • Your rings are made out of 14 carat gold. Choose between: white, yellow or red gold.
  • A combination in colors can be made: bi-color.
  • Choose your desired width.
  • The rings are marked with a quality stamp.
  • A personal message can be engraved inside the rings.
  • The rings are made on your exact size.
  • Around 20 gram solid gold is used to produce your rings.
  • The price is for two rings (width 4 mm and in one color).

Your wedding rings are very personal and they need to be perfect. Therefor I want to know what you dream of and what your perfect rings would look like. Please don’t hesitate to share your wishes of metals, finish and gemstones. Let’s make your rings personal and special like no other!

I understand that such an important decision as wedding rings isn’t easily made from a photograph on a website. I invite you to my studio to have a look at my rings. Here is what you can expect from a studio visit: I show you the silver models of the rings, you can try them on and get a feel off them. We look at a small sample of gold tones, finishes and gemstones to discuss all the possibilities and your wishes. You’ll have a say in every step of the design.

Design, innovation and craft are all put into the mix to create your jewel. It’s handmade in my own studio so be aware: every piece is unique and may slightly differ from the picture.

If you have questions, requests or want to schedule a studio visit: do not hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to arrange your special wishes.